Agolar was born in Valencia thanks to a mix between a passion for lighting and the need to provide high-quality solutions to a whole world of professionals.

For more than 30 years, we have been experts in luminaires, committed to the importance of good lighting in all types of projects. We have a wide range of types of luminaires and, in addition, we offer full product customization to cover all the needs of the lighting project and installation. We love to transform any environment and take it to the next level thanks to the effect of light. Because light is life day and night.



Innovation, flexibility and nonconformity. We feel that we have to keep evolving constantly, for us and for you. We love to listen to any need of our clients and work together to find the best solution. We adapt each and every one of the luminaires, being able to select the color temperature, opening angle, power, regulation, etc.

Quality and commitment. We commit ourselves every day to offer the best quality in our products and services. We work professionally and enthusiastically on every project. All our luminaires are manufactured with top brand raw materials, offering high luminaire performance, maximum quality and guarantee.

Agility and team. We value our time, that of our suppliers and that of our clients. For this reason, teamwork and good communication are very important to us from the first contact until we get the guarantee of a good installation and operation of the project. For this same reason, the delivery times we offer are totally reduced in order to execute the project within the established period.

Recognition and trust. Our team is involved in the entire process of the company and is fully specialized in lighting, thus offering personalized technical support for any lighting project to be carried out. We prioritize open, honest, respectful and trustworthy communication between us and with our clients, trying to advise them in the best possible way in choosing luminaires through lighting studies.


At Agolar, from our facilities in Catarroja – Valencia, we have all the necessary production processes to adapt each of the luminaires to the specific and particular needs of each lighting project or installation. Pick and place, laser cutting, assembly line, paint tunnel.

R & D

The best is always yet to come. One of the main engines of Agolar is the motivation for continuous development and constant evolution. We work every day to launch new luminaires on the market with different applications and technological developments. We prioritize investment in new technologies that allow us to innovate with new applications and ways of lighting conventional spaces.


En búsqueda de la excelencia y de ofrecer la mejor calidad con nuestras luminarias, certificamos nuestra empresa con la normativa ISO 9001 y nuestras luminarias con AIDIMME
Trabajamos por el éxito de nuestros clientes, de nuestra empresa y empleados y además, del entorno donde vivimos. Aplicamos un pensamiento sostenible y, con el fin de reducir el impacto medio ambiental de las luminarias, llevamos a cabo el proceso de reciclaje a través de la empresa SUNREUSE