Hemisferic de la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias de Valencia

Outdoor space

We are from Valencia. We love the Mediterranean light so well represented by the great Joaquín Sorolla in his paintings. The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the most recognized architectural icons of the city. Noise, light and color is the definition that any Valencian from this land would make.

The lighting of L’Hemisfèric. And the day came when we found ourselves before a sum of indescribable feelings and emotions. A responsibility and a pride. And we did. And we lived up to receiving industry recognition. We carried out the lighting project for this emblematic building in Valencia, L’Hemisfèric.

For this project, we design and develop custom luminaires. The water that surrounds the entire building played a fundamental role in achieving unique light and color effects.

Using the Daisy luminaire and an RGB+W remote control managed through a private application, the lights at L’Hemisfèric de Valencia can change color and intensity together to highlight the building even more, if possible. on any given day or before any public act, in a matter of seconds and from a mobile phone or tablet, without the need for Wi-Fi, only with Bluetooth.

Joint project with CASAMBI