48V Tracklight

Luminaires to be installed on three-pase track that allows perfect versatility for indoor architectural lighting. Each luminaire can be easily and independently oriented, highlighting the attractiveness of the products and the different spaces. This solution is ideal for lighting in shops, restaurants and showrooms or museums.

The installation of the three-pase track offers greater flexibility in the space, you can adapt them perfectly to the space according to the type of installation: suspended, attached to the ceiling or recessed. It allows to adapt to the measurements in an exact way through accessories such as: 90º elbows, unions, flexible unions, etc. In addition, it also supports that they are regulated through DALI or 1-10V.

Line 48V

Line Track 48V

Loga Top 48V

Loga 48V

Rian 48V

Zoom 48V

Tide 48V

Flex 48V

Track 48V